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Beauty in silence


I heard a wonderful quote recently. It read, ” Only speak if what it is you have to say is more beautiful than the silence.”

We creatures always feel and find the need to speak. I preface a preface… My sentences will start with ” Sorry this story is going to be long..” or “if you don’t mind… “and I find myself talking my days away. In a room where strangers stand, I talk. Making eye contact, I speak.. Sometimes driving in the car, my mind tells me To not “waste a minute” and so I’ll phone a friend.. Instead of simply remaining fully engaged in driving.. I add the desire to talk.

And the list of times in my life where I spoke instead of being aware is the size a zoo.. I got nervous..or I anticipated the awkward pause.. When all along. The beauty sat in the in betweens..

And because there have been days my mind just wanted to hear my voice.

But today, let’s try it differently. Be very aware. Now in the coffee shop, I hear and feel incredible amounts more.. Because I don’t speak.. I feel.

Stand in the subway and just observe. Listen instead.. Today at work, let the co-worker ramble on and on about his or her weekend.. Just sit tight. And when the message that surfaces from your mind and heart is more beautiful than the silence.. Then choose to talk.

And in the meantime, you will collect these delicious moments where your body can rest instead of do. It will give your mind the freedom to sort through instead of blurt out and miss the perfect moment to remain quiet.

I will try too, me and you. And we will have made the moments even more beautiful together.