It is a perfect time to read all about other’s adventures and journeys. Here are some books I have either picked up or waiting for me there ( Thank you Amanda)

Start Where You Are– Pema Chodron

All of Pema’s writing is a guide.

She rocks. This woman knows how to take some complex ideas and simplify it into language that we better understand. If you haven’t read her, please do. Another one of her’s is When Things Fall Apart. I went to the bookstore to find it a few months back and the clerk guided me to fiction. I assured her, that When Things Fall Apart  would be NON-fiction. 🙂

Another Book I am bringing with me was a suggestion from one of my Yoga instructors. The book is called Sidhartha. It’s written about the spirituality of the East and West in a novel format. It is simple and yet moving. And I am so thrilled to have my mother’s copy of the book! Doesn’t that enrich the text?

Another , Midnight with the Mystic, about a woman’s journey with her Guru and her doubts in life or about it.

The Wisdom of No Escape,tells about the beauty of sitting in a feeling. Happy reading!


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