Monthly Archives: May 2013

Joyous abandonment


I want to talks about ruts, you know those times in your life (days, weeks, months ..) where life feels incredibly heavy or difficult. It seems you have gotten hit with everything all at once and you are considering drowning your sorrows, or running for hours, eating the whole sleeve , okay two sleeves, and none of it, not a single coping mechanism makes this rut you’re in any shallower.

Your movement away from this is what actually keeps you there longer. And if you’d like you can continue this pattern of self defeat, spinning in circles of frustration or anger… O you can see this de-railed moment of life as joyous abandonment.

This moment serves as a time for you to let go of old. Old people, old moments, old memories, old clothes, old parts of yourself. You are living in a moment that is asking you, pleading for you, to expose your sores, your hurt, your stuck in a rut mentality, air it out, and move forward with the feeling of gratitude for liberation.

So, you, the one moping and frustrated, the “work sucks” “life sucks” people… Can you shed it? Are you courageous enough to let go of the old and make some room for the new? Gone is the moment to wallow in self pity about things that no longer serve you. Here you are in this world to be alive and free and you are the only thing limiting this from coming into being.

Find your very own joyous abandonment.