When we approach the end of the life we are living, the most important question is “Was your life full of joy?” And if it was, we applaud you. You collected beautiful and precious moments, or things that made you feel full of basic goodness.

And today can be full of joy if you’ll let it. Joy in a sun, or birds chirping, joy in feeling sleepy and closing your eyes, joy in laughing deeply for good reason or no reason. Drinking too much wine with friends, eating strawberries, getting your coca cola fix, walking, sitting, what is your joy for today?

In order,though, to have joy you must listen deeply because there is a rhythm and a life inside of you, not your mind… It’s deeper. And it is what lets you feel joy.

So be sure you hear clearly, to capture the voice that insists on joy always. Because when you are in your last moments, you will wonder… Was my life full of joy? And that voice inside of you will certainly answer yes.

Be joyful for every reason and no reason. Xxoo


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