Make no judgment


People often say that you hurt the one you love the most. Maybe it’s because we are so very critical of them. We expect them to be the very best version, not to stray, not to falter. I too, am this way. My family and boyfriend are under the largest and clearest microscope.

This is not intended to hurt them or place judgment but it is to make them better people. I want to be clear to myself it is because I know they are wonderful people, and faltering means struggling. I think ultimately I don’t want them hurt, and so in being critical, I place no room for error.. Then they can’t possibly fail. But in doing this, I tend to suck the juiciness of living out of the friendship. I overanalayze. I make what is supposed to be light and easy feel at times, difficult and muddy. So as my previous journal entry explains, I will not wallow. But I will certainly re-steer my ways. So starting today, my conscious effort is placed on allowing people to be themselves with whole hearts. These people are in my life because they are so utterly wonderful, these people are in my life because I am so lucky.

So moving forward, without judgment, without criticism, we carry on in these lives. With pure love. And deep appreciation for being exactly where you are.


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