Brief thought


I’m not really sure why I haven’t written lately. Sometimes I think you’re supposed to have something really brilliant and moving in order to write but that isn’t true.

I meet my keyboard again. Light snow falls from the sky today and the simple pleasure of a couch and a kitty keep me company while I finish some laundry up at my moms.

Had a beautiful breakfast with my sister this morning and am really blessed to have a person in my life who listens. We got to talking and in the middle of the conversation she said, ” Hal, look at our body language. ” we were mirroring each other. I thought it was the darnedest thing. According to her, the deeper the connection in conversation the more likely you are to mirror the other person. It is a sign or unification and real listening.

As moments turn into lifetimes and lifetimes turn into evolution of life, let us try to see the beauty that surrounds us in our everydays. Breath and friends. Conversation and breakfast. Birds and kitties. It sounds like I’m writing a bad melodrama. But in all seriousness, we forget to soak up the moment in the moment. Instead we look back fondly.

Life is simple if we let it be.


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