Begin again


A new year. A fresh start. We write down our resolutions and promise ourselves that this year is the year. Statistically, many will lose sight of their goal(s) within the first two months of the year. I am not wishing this nor am I really offering it as a bad or good thing… it is simply a number that has been calculated.

Could we though, see it differently? What if we considered every day to be a “new year,” another time to try maintain a resolution? What if every moment ,every breath was an opportunity to be better?

I have been hard on myself for past indulgences… an indulgence on relaxation time instead of workout time… having too much fun on a night out and serving the consequences for it.. and some of my resolutions are in regards to these indulgences. But the change in my goals will reside in my ability to try again when I fail. We all will fail in our lives. We may fail in small ways, or big ways. We may fail people we love or we may fail our driving exam. The success lies in our ability to try, try again.

We are humans. We make mistakes. We screw up and sometimes we screw up more than once. The beauty of life is that the opportunity is available for you to try it differently.

And the really exciting thing is you can go in a new direction every breath! Need not wait until the new year. Don’t work so hard for two months and then call it quits. Try, try again. The opportunity is waiting for you to be better and do better. And each moment is a moment to practice in being better.


The Happiest of Happy New  Year to you and your loved ones.



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