Daily Archives: December 6, 2012

Be “good”


Believe that people are basically good: Because they are.

With that being said, people have choices. One of the most important choices in life is perspective. Are you going to see the good or are you going to see what’s difficult?

Most days I try to see the good. The good in the experience, the good in the person, the good in the circumstance. Have I had days where I could only see the struggle? Absolutely. Are there times in my day when I notice struggle and redirect? Yes. But I choose to believe that in an overall way… life is good and people are good.

Life is so much richer and so much more full when you turn the lens to positive. Just today I was feeling lethargic, and my lesson was a bit dry… The student’s were bored, heck, I was bored.. pronouns can’t be exciting for 2 whole weeks… But during my lunch period I decided to go into another classroom. I sat at a round table with a student who is severly delayed. A beautiful human being with challenges to choose the right word, challenges to articulate needs.. and it woke me from the struggle perspective. We sat side by side, both of us with our own struggles, and found joy in eachother.

We all have struggle. The question isn’t about having struggle, it’s about how you choose to look at that challenge. Everyday can’t be your best, understand that.. give yourself the moment to let whatever it is.. go and with begin again, in a new way.. a way to see the good.

Our struggles differ and we compare ourselves or our battles with anothers: you are uniquely creating and manifesting this life. Be willing to gently look at your struggles, without judgement. But remind yourself that there is good. These hurdles, or negative feelings.. they have a reason… and the good will eventually seep through. You will find the sparkle. You deserve the good. You deserve to live life in a way that is enriching, that is enlightening, that is inspiring… You are a human being that is inherently good. Make the choice to live “good.”