Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

Risk feeling alive


Don’t let life get stagnant. Going through the motions is no way to live.

If you look around and life looks comfortable, I will dare you to take a risk. Risk looking vulnerable; risk doing something that makes you feel weird… Risk it because in risking, we grow, and in growing we live.

Talking with a sister of mine, she mentioned just needing a minute, wanting a breath, to reset and get the feeling back, but as I sit longer with the idea of what life is, the moments I have felt most alive have been the times I was willing to do something that made me incredibly uncomfortable.

It doesn’t need to be a world changing event. For some it may be as simple as choosing a different loaf of bread to make sammy’s with… Maybe going to a new restaurant.. Or joining a new club, reading a different genre- but when we risk failure, when we risk being disappointed… We learn what it means to be alive.

In our days we may find patterns. We wake up at the same time each morning, we drive the same roads, we say the same things, we may even forget what our days are complied of because they all blur together like headlights in traffic. But we can challenge life’s habitual ways. We can encourage ourselves to take the leap and risk, which isn’t common for us.

Lets break out and really live. Lets ask ourselves to continue growth, to continue risks, to continue to fail… Because you’ll eventually reflect on your life’s endeavors.. Those moments that collect so quickly into a lifetime… And you’ll remember the times when you felt so alive.

Jump out of a plane, try coffee black, volunteer downtown, mingle with a group of people you normally wouldn’t, go to the movies alone, stop and get lost in a painting at the art museum, try on some funky shoes, smile at every person you see, go bowling, risk feeling weird.. And then smile at yourself and remember that it’s all about feeling alive- there is no time like the present moment. So go along now; I can hardly contain my excitement for you!