Pass love on


The holiday season we are reminded of the gift of giving. Many will volunteer time to help with those who are less fortunate, be it serving a meal or delivering goods. And when the experience is completed we will say, gosh I would like to do that more often because it feels so good but sadly many of us will remind ourselves a year later when we do our annual giving once again.

Giving doesn’t have to be so big. Giving can be simple. And I encourage all to give not just over the next few weeks, but throughout the year.

Look around. Everyone is desperately seeking love. Love can be a smile. It can be a wink or a hello. It can be a paid check or a note.. Remind each other that there is love to spread.

I can promise you that it is contagious. Giving love means more love for all. It begins so simply and then it multiplies… Like a growing epidemic of love. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

As you travel for your holidays, keep your eyes open for places and people who really need love. And send it their way. They feel it; they appreciate it, and they will pass it forward.

Happy day of thanks and giving.


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