We will return to nothingness.

I am not a science brained person. Scientific theories, elements, equations, and any numerical code intimidate my creative, philosophical mind. But lately things have been striking me.. Things that didn’t always before.. And the common theme I return to is nothingness.

Exploded tire pieces along the side of the road, dead animals, ourselves. We are composed of many elements and the amount, the combination.. in essence, creates whatever is to be created.

But as things perish.. They return to an original state of elements.. Not cohesive with others.

Nick and I were talking and he brought about this really abstract thought for me. At the end of your life… The thought of, “So this is it..” runs through the mind.. And not in a dark, gloomy way, but a recognition.. A realization that all of the fuss, the goals, the finishes, the moments appear miniscule. Obsolete. Life collects these many moments and in them we are caught like spiders.. We orchestrate a web that is our life and it feels important, and it is. But when it is over and our run comes to a stop, there must be a moment when the web really fades to nonexistence. The things we wished for really aren’t taking up too much room, the pondering questions are okay unanswered. There must be a breath that doesn’t feel weighty, your mind doesn’t run, instead it stays present because that is all there is left. Our scientific makeup will soon break down and the elements put together to create life will let go of one another. We will return to an original place.

What does the moment feel like? Wouldn’t it be nice for the recognition or our reality to come sooner? We were loved, at times angry, productive.. Sometimes in struggle.. But that the web would eventually not be

Th feeling can come sooner. We can be the determiner of our emphasis in life. Is your emphasis of life in the right place? Do you really give the time a blessing in your day? Give the heart that beats inside you the focus for a moment. Stop your web building. See life as more than your daily ways, conversations, movement… Life will fade and you will go. Your web will dissipate and this,now, moment by moment of being present,this is the real beauty of life; that is what makes the adventure worthwhile.

Many fear death and the end of life sounds daunting, haunting, frightening. It doesn’t need to be dear friend. Soak up your present moments, don’t plan too far ahead, step back from your busy web -building now and again, make it a practice to really show up in the morning. Show up for yourself and be a constant observer in your own life. And when your beautiful moment presents itself, you can say ” I knew what it was about all along.”


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