Are you awake?


How have you been feeling lately my friend? Self reflection is a wonderful tool, but be sure you don’t judge yourself.. Whether good, bad, or uncertain.. You are on a path and trust it with all of your soul.

Today I was feeling anxious and indecisive. I knew I had certain tasks that must be accomplished (laundry, studying, raking leaves) and yet I also wasn’t sure what it was I was wanting to be doing (hiking, walking, reading, napping) so I sat in between with some anxiety and discomfort, grabbed for some comfort (eating, mostly) to no avail. I checked a few things off the list of must do’s.. And still now just don’t know..

When I was speaking with an acquaintance he asked me if I ever considered any and all intense emotions to be basic goodness. My immediate thought was no, angry isn’t basically good. Neither is discomfort or pain.. But he turned my lens and asked me again.. He said, does this feeling provide an opportunity for you to wake up? And the answer to that is absolutely yes. Ultimately, isn’t anything that provides an avenue to wake up basically good?

In all emotional movement, we are asked, are you awake? Are you awake to the feeling of being uncomfortable? Are you awake to the feeling of being uncertain? Or mad? Or excited? Let these be reminders to stay awake.

So while I may feel uncertain still yet, and this full moon according to my mother is supposed to be a real doozy.. I will try my best to see it with great opportunity to feel awake, to be alert in my own life. You will too, now. You will let your soul feel with intensity and wholly.. Be alive for your life.


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