Here we go


I have decided to take a leap. The leap includes a risk and a vulnerability. It requires a lot of extra behind the scenes work and patience.

But, I feel more alive already. Even just the thought of maybe making a change, excites me incredibly.

We know what we need a Long time before we actually are willing to take a look.

I have felt pulled. I have felt different. I have felt it inside me. Its’ heart has been beating on its own. It has been ready to come up, show face, see the world.

Why do we dismiss these feelings of change? We get into deep habitual patterns and it becomes very difficult to create change. We rationalize all of the reasons why it’s not a good idea.. Meanwhile, we have already checked out. Staying in it only creates more discomfort.

What we don’t do is believe. We don’t believe in ourselves. We question our reasons. Does there have to be a reason? Does everyone really need to know why? It’s a feeling. It’s an unexplainable pull in a direction and its real. It’s a life force all on its own.

I am ready. I do believe. And I can make a change for the reason inside me.


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