Filling up a bucket


I stopped to get coffee this morning. I parked the car and noticed a kitty cat outside the store. I started petting the cat, without much hesitation and went in to get a cup of coffee. I let the store owner know about the cat and we got to talking.

The cat comes to the store most every morning and gets fed. Kitty cat hangs out there until he decides to go somewhere else. Speaking to the store owner, I was happily surprised he was feeding the cat on a regular basis.

He then told me to take my coffee for free, and I went on my way with sincere gratitude.

It reminded me of a quote a professor once said, ” Everyone has a bucket. It is our job to fill others buckets and others will fill ours.”

If we think of life as this, when you see a bucket getting low, would you give some from your bucket to help fill up theirs? Maybe it’s a reminder that they are loved, maybe it’s appreciation for hard work or a job well done.. maybe it’s a treat.  And have faith that others will give back.  When your bucket gets low, others will be there to help fill you up.

I thought about the cat. Kitty goes and gets “filled up” and part of the store owner receives a filling from this too. A filling, from giving. He (the store owner) passed along some love to me this morning, with a free cup of coffee.

It’s important to let others know that they are wonderful. In a world that can feel really harsh, be willing to be soft. Be willing to give back, and find the delight from other’s reaping benefits of a moment.

If we could be more conscious of eachother’s buckets , low points, and high, we could find a way to spread the wealth of love. And at the end of the day, look at your bucket and be glad. We collect moments and pay them forward with gratitude.


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