This practice we call life


Bodhichitta is defined as an awakened heart.

You and I and all-have the ability to reach bodhichitta, to contain an enlightened soul.

My question today is what do you do when you are feeling.. Sad? Or uncomfortable? Miserable? Dissatisfied? Broken-hearted? We all have found ways to “deal.”

“No matter how we get trapped, our usual reaction is NOT to become curious about what’s happening.”

Isnt that so? We find EVERY reason and way to go away from the pain. We will get through this without a scratch, we tell ourselves. Instead we choose to reach for something that feels like a relief. It may be booze, physical activity, eating, gossiping, vacationing, shopping..

And we know what it is that will bring relief. We subconsciously gravitate toward this vice to find comfort, solace, a better place.

“The radical approach to bodhichitta practice is to pay attention to what we do. Without judging it, we train in kindly acknowledging whatever is going on. Eventually we might decide to stop hurting ourselves in the same old ways.” (Pema Chodron)

So, the next time you are feeling down, sad, broken, and unable.. Kindly look at that pain. Find compassion in the pain, and solace with the feeling that reminds you that you are alive.

All of these things provide an opportunity to see yourself wholly. And the truth is that this is ordinary. This does not have to be some monumental moment or extreme case.. Just find awareness in your everydays, look at those feelings in traffic, when you said something you shouldn’t have, find endless laundry a daunting task, or spilled coffee at the office. Acknowledge them kindly, don’t judge yourself or others, and find a way to stick around. You will open up. You will find a sliver of hope and you will feel alive.


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