The coffee stop


It has felt like one of those days.

I felt heavy, undervalued, unheard, tired, ready for something different.. And now on my lunch break, I escape my work world for my world of wonder..

I walked into a coffee establishment and was greeted by a man with the sweetest demeanor. He is kind, and quiet. He seemed patient, and reliable. And he walked into my life to serve a coffee, but what he did instead was changed my day, so thank you.

I can look for reasons to feel glum, and I will certainly find them.
I also can find the joy in a stranger and he can help me see good.

Sometimes we don’t ask to see it differently, and until we want it to be different, it will remain the same. So if you’re feeling the way I was, a bit hopeless at moments, maybe desperate, can you open your mind and heart to the option of kindness? For someone to walk into your life that can shake it up and make your perspective change? It will come friend. You are a sweet soul, and you will be okay.


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