I started reading a book this evening. In my busy days of life, I generally have to carve time out of my schedule to allow for leisure reading. I sort of convinced myself that this could be a discipline (even though its a book I WANT to read) as opposed to a treat.

This seems common. We get busy and then we treat ourselves for dealing with it. We get busy again, and so after some time we go on vacation. We think these might be magical cures to our every day hum drum of a life. How many times (and believe me when I say I’m not pointing fingers) have you said, ” when I have time” or “when life settles down” or “when my schedule frees up”

And so we continue on -one foot after another and don’t think about what our every day actions create (which is your life). Well friends, soon enough you go on your vacation from life.. For 7 days all inclusive you really live! And congratulations to feeling unbelievably alive. It feels great, you are going to try harder when you get home to do more for yourself.. You deserve it.. Then you get home. Reality comes back. Your schedule fills up, and slowly, but most definitely you are anticipating the next time you’ll feel so alive.

“We’re in such a hurry most of the time we never get much chance to talk. The result is a shallowness, a monotony that leaves a person wondering years later where all the time went and sorry it’s all gone.” (The art)

So after reading this excerpt in my story I decided to finish my night routine with intention. I felt both of my feet hit the ground as I stood to enter the bathroom. I felt the water’s temperature before I gently scrubbed my face and with purpose tasted the toothpaste in my mouth. It might have taken me a few more seconds, because I had to remind myself even in those brief minutes to be aware and present for my “routine.” And did it feel like the waters in the tropics? No, it didn’t. But did it make me feel alive? It certainly did.

We have created these lives. We have filled them to the brim, maybe to run away from time with our thoughts, with ourselves, maybe not. But we have the ability to dismantle them. We are creating moments and memories right this very moment. And maybe faster doesn’t mean better. “National consciousness moves faster now, and is broader, but it seems to run less deep.”

“When you want To hurry something, that means you no longer care for it and want to get on to other things.”

Do you want to hurry your life? Be careful. Be thorough. Live it. Feel it. Allow it. You will find the vacations, but they will last. Life asks you to be present, and when you are truly, rooted and present, you will feel alive. After all, what are you hurrying to?


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