Don’t let the mind fool you, darling


I am ready to move forward in my life but I understand the importance of patience. Understanding and accepting may be different at times but I know I’m here. I am in my next place. Part of being in that new place is letting go of my old. Being aware of past but allowing it to slip through my fingers instead of gripping tightly for old things, old ways.. A friend recently told me, ” A part of us dies each day, and we find ourselves mourning.. But the beauty is we allow a newness to come in.”

Life is a lesson in shifting.

As I move forward I sometimes look back and wonder the what ifs. These show up in my dreams at night and the door asks to be reopened. But I must remind my mind that my heart has different feelings.

And our structure of life always changes, like the wind. We try to keep our lives in a cookie cutter shape. We “know” the shape we want but this also changes. Our values re-prioritize. Our hearts fall in love somewhere else. But in our mind, we have already chosen-in our mind. We must realign our hearts and heads. Don’t let the mind fool you, darling.

Be willing to progress. Be willing to leave the past behind. Be optimistically hopeful and patient that even in these small moments you are practicing to be a better self in the moments to come.

And all will reveal itself in time and rhythm.

Just remember today, your heart has the truth,And if you listen closely.. You will find it is asking to grow. Don’t be afraid to let go of the usual, the common in order to find a brighter place, full of excitement, a place that your heart is asking for.


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