Universe hugs


I genuinely believe that the world population has good intentions, but we allow our conditioned and busy lives to slip through our own hands.. instead of grabbing hold and really making an effort to make things better.

I look around at city streets, empty parking lots, and miles of trees cut down for commercial use.. and I have to questions this belief. My heart hurts when I see a deer laying beside the highway.. or searching for food in a yard..  When did life get this way? And so I pose this question: To readers who I believe have big hearts and good motives..

What have you done today for the Universe?

Not for yourself (although it will certainly make you feel marvelous) but for the Universe.

Walking on city streets, do you walk past the garbage or pick it up and throw it out?

When going into a restaurant, do you see the waiter/waitress as a part of you and so treat them with love and compassion.. or do you find ways to be critical and create judgement?

When you see an animal, trying its best to cross the road, do you slow down and let it pass, or allow your rushed day to get the best of you?

If we could grab hold of this energy.. this DESIRE to do and be good.. and live it.. the world would be a better way.. a better place..

I understand your frustration.. what does one small piece of garbage REALLY mean if I pick it up.. Or what does ONE small squirrel in the world of squirrels matter.. But the message you send is bigger than the size of a gum wrapper, or our furry friend.. You are telling Our Universe.. that you care. And maybe, the next person to walk by appreciates the clean street.. or finds joy in the squirrels playing tag up a tree..

A wonderful quote reads, ” “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.”

Can we make a conscious effort to be better? To do better? To love more? To see the world as a gift not an expectation?

Do good for the universe today.


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