Built-in slow downs


Everything feels slow when you desperately want it to go fast. Driving behind every person who is turning left.. Or abiding by the speed limit.. Maybe even taking a few mph off. 35 let’s go 33, just for safe measure.

Starbucks line a mile long. Order incorrect. People trying to stop you in the office. Having a thousand other things you could be doing.

And all of these lessons provide us with a moment to slow down in a world that asks us to move fast. These moments are built- in reminders to slow down every now and again. With the recognition that we have no control, sitting back and enjoying the ride is all we CAN do.

So look at it with a smile and a light laugh. It’s normally the days that will have their way that we push against And try a mighty fight. But don’t this time. Just let it run its’ course. Maybe even acknowledge the presence of something you have utterly no control over.

The driver will still drive slow and the coffee line will still be out the door whether you choose to get frustrated or you choose to see it as a perfect moment to slow down. Remain calm and change your pace.. It will be fast again before you know it, enjoy the minutes that ask you to put your foot on the break,look around and see the good.


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