Be the moment of hope


I learned something this evening talking to my mother. It provided me wisdom that I wanted to pass along to others.

I had an absolutely thrilling weekend. I jumped out of a plane at two miles high and free fell over a mile. But this is not the wisdom I want to share. The wisdom comes from the reaction.

I got to work on Monday and the co workers that are Facebook friends knew about my weekend. Because I was still coming of of this rush filled experience I wanted to share it with others. I sent the link of my videoed jump to the staff.

Tonight I was talking to my mother about sending the video and I said to my mom without realizing, ” Yea, it was nice. I felt like the people around me couldnt define me.. Just when they thought they had put me in the right place.. I shook it up.”

And that’s the message I think is so important. We categorize people our whole lives. We label and keep them there. Sometimes it lasts just a short while, but many times we keep people in these categories for years and years. Why? Why must we create definitions of people. They don’t exist, after all. We are boundless beings with complexities and changes in our daily lives to create different versions of ourselves. We have our good days and bad days… Would you want someone to keep you in a place when they saw you on a bad day? Then why do we?

The simple quote that is overused says it well though. ” Be kind to all. For Everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

But aren’t we? We look to our neighbor at a traffic light with an evilish glare.. They have no idea.. Well actually friend, they do. And they have also sat after a bad day at a long red light. We have all been in these places.

Take from this and live with awareness. If instead of individualizing and secluding our feelings, we shared.. We could all unite with awareness. Be willing to still smile at the car next to you on your way to work. Try hard to find patience for the cashier, or a breath before demanding something of others.. And remember that they too, fight battles. They too, struggle. And maybe you are a moment of hope in a bad day.


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