Sometimes I go an entire day without realizing I’m breathing. In fact, to my guilt I will admit that there have been weeks where I forgot I was breathing.. Have you ever forgotten about your life force?

I know it sounds so juvenile, to forget something quite simple, but it happens and I admit to that. But if you pause and inhale with a purpose and let it out with intention, you will find that there is some serious power in our breath.

We send vast amounts of messages with our breath. A heavy sigh is a person annoyed. A pant, someone tired.. A deep exhale.. An attempt at relaxation.. And yet we Sometimes let it slip past us.

Pause here. I want you to take a breath. It does not need to be loud.. Just with a purpose. The purpose of knowing you are breathing. Give your mind a reminder.. I am alive here in this moment and I know it.

Next, I want you to take another conscious breath.. This time I’d like you to set an intention for this breath. Maybe the intention is you will acknowledge your breath more often.. Maybe you will practice patience today. Maybe your breath will help you open your mind a little more. Or even, open our heart. Allow that breath to sink in you, as it travels through the corners of your body and mind and finds its way out with an exhale.

Keep your focus today on this message. And as your day gets busier, try just two times to breathe.. With this purpose. It will change your day.

And let it.


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