all soon will go


Just a few days ago, I wrote about feeling overwhelmed. I was feeling like there were endless obstacles being thrown my way with hoops and ladders to get through too. My life felt heavy and hectic. I considered all of this weight as bad and I felt full of dread.

I think we can all relate to that feeling. We’ve all before talked to someone (okay more like vented) about our laundry list of why life is absolutely terrible in this moment.  And no, there is no light because light is too easy! We want to sit in this dark and stinky place and talk about it!!!

Well here I am, an example of how just a few days pass and the lens changed… and yours will too.

We’re trained to find the bad.. the news tells us to find the bad.. the gossip tells us to find the bad.. even sometimes our own mind.. gets caught in the bad (yea.. driving by the accident and feeling inclined to see the disaster).. but the truth is.. life just is.

We are going to come across days that we would prefer to keep the blinds closed. And those days will feel heavy and difficult. But those days also allow us to really feel the good days.

Today I got to ride a bicycle in fresh air, zooming down hills and all.. swim in a pool with a best friend..  I got to see my Nana, who is a riot and may I add 92 years of age..and say hello to my Dad!  I had the privilege of visiting my sister’s new place and to see her beaming.. my list of beautiful and authentic moments was also a laundry list long!

And shouldn’t we pay proper attention to all moments? Need not try to hang on too tight to these moments.. because they all slip away and move on but certainly acknowledge their goodness. Pay respects to your moments.. if you string these moments together they are your life..

Too many times we’re caught closing our eyes.. We’re distracted in our own lives and miss the beauty of a moment.. or we feel pain and it’s easier to escape.. run away rather than be. But if we’d just allow for it to be that moment, staying there, still and vigilant- we’d be much wiser.. and much happier.

Life is unraveling and instead of our focus being on the tough task ahead.. try to stay in your moment. Whether your moment is one you find to be good or bad.. can you stick around in it? It will also soon go. It deserves your attention. It will teach you if you’re willing to hear it out. And eventually, it will all slip away.


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