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Universe hugs


I genuinely believe that the world population has good intentions, but we allow our conditioned and busy lives to slip through our own hands.. instead of grabbing hold and really making an effort to make things better.

I look around at city streets, empty parking lots, and miles of trees cut down for commercial use.. and I have to questions this belief. My heart hurts when I see a deer laying beside the highway.. or searching for food in a yard..  When did life get this way? And so I pose this question: To readers who I believe have big hearts and good motives..

What have you done today for the Universe?

Not for yourself (although it will certainly make you feel marvelous) but for the Universe.

Walking on city streets, do you walk past the garbage or pick it up and throw it out?

When going into a restaurant, do you see the waiter/waitress as a part of you and so treat them with love and compassion.. or do you find ways to be critical and create judgement?

When you see an animal, trying its best to cross the road, do you slow down and let it pass, or allow your rushed day to get the best of you?

If we could grab hold of this energy.. this DESIRE to do and be good.. and live it.. the world would be a better way.. a better place..

I understand your frustration.. what does one small piece of garbage REALLY mean if I pick it up.. Or what does ONE small squirrel in the world of squirrels matter.. But the message you send is bigger than the size of a gum wrapper, or our furry friend.. You are telling Our Universe.. that you care. And maybe, the next person to walk by appreciates the clean street.. or finds joy in the squirrels playing tag up a tree..

A wonderful quote reads, ” “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.”

Can we make a conscious effort to be better? To do better? To love more? To see the world as a gift not an expectation?

Do good for the universe today.


Built-in slow downs


Everything feels slow when you desperately want it to go fast. Driving behind every person who is turning left.. Or abiding by the speed limit.. Maybe even taking a few mph off. 35 let’s go 33, just for safe measure.

Starbucks line a mile long. Order incorrect. People trying to stop you in the office. Having a thousand other things you could be doing.

And all of these lessons provide us with a moment to slow down in a world that asks us to move fast. These moments are built- in reminders to slow down every now and again. With the recognition that we have no control, sitting back and enjoying the ride is all we CAN do.

So look at it with a smile and a light laugh. It’s normally the days that will have their way that we push against And try a mighty fight. But don’t this time. Just let it run its’ course. Maybe even acknowledge the presence of something you have utterly no control over.

The driver will still drive slow and the coffee line will still be out the door whether you choose to get frustrated or you choose to see it as a perfect moment to slow down. Remain calm and change your pace.. It will be fast again before you know it, enjoy the minutes that ask you to put your foot on the break,look around and see the good.

Be the moment of hope


I learned something this evening talking to my mother. It provided me wisdom that I wanted to pass along to others.

I had an absolutely thrilling weekend. I jumped out of a plane at two miles high and free fell over a mile. But this is not the wisdom I want to share. The wisdom comes from the reaction.

I got to work on Monday and the co workers that are Facebook friends knew about my weekend. Because I was still coming of of this rush filled experience I wanted to share it with others. I sent the link of my videoed jump to the staff.

Tonight I was talking to my mother about sending the video and I said to my mom without realizing, ” Yea, it was nice. I felt like the people around me couldnt define me.. Just when they thought they had put me in the right place.. I shook it up.”

And that’s the message I think is so important. We categorize people our whole lives. We label and keep them there. Sometimes it lasts just a short while, but many times we keep people in these categories for years and years. Why? Why must we create definitions of people. They don’t exist, after all. We are boundless beings with complexities and changes in our daily lives to create different versions of ourselves. We have our good days and bad days… Would you want someone to keep you in a place when they saw you on a bad day? Then why do we?

The simple quote that is overused says it well though. ” Be kind to all. For Everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

But aren’t we? We look to our neighbor at a traffic light with an evilish glare.. They have no idea.. Well actually friend, they do. And they have also sat after a bad day at a long red light. We have all been in these places.

Take from this and live with awareness. If instead of individualizing and secluding our feelings, we shared.. We could all unite with awareness. Be willing to still smile at the car next to you on your way to work. Try hard to find patience for the cashier, or a breath before demanding something of others.. And remember that they too, fight battles. They too, struggle. And maybe you are a moment of hope in a bad day.



Sometimes I go an entire day without realizing I’m breathing. In fact, to my guilt I will admit that there have been weeks where I forgot I was breathing.. Have you ever forgotten about your life force?

I know it sounds so juvenile, to forget something quite simple, but it happens and I admit to that. But if you pause and inhale with a purpose and let it out with intention, you will find that there is some serious power in our breath.

We send vast amounts of messages with our breath. A heavy sigh is a person annoyed. A pant, someone tired.. A deep exhale.. An attempt at relaxation.. And yet we Sometimes let it slip past us.

Pause here. I want you to take a breath. It does not need to be loud.. Just with a purpose. The purpose of knowing you are breathing. Give your mind a reminder.. I am alive here in this moment and I know it.

Next, I want you to take another conscious breath.. This time I’d like you to set an intention for this breath. Maybe the intention is you will acknowledge your breath more often.. Maybe you will practice patience today. Maybe your breath will help you open your mind a little more. Or even, open our heart. Allow that breath to sink in you, as it travels through the corners of your body and mind and finds its way out with an exhale.

Keep your focus today on this message. And as your day gets busier, try just two times to breathe.. With this purpose. It will change your day.

And let it.

Stay there


Some days I feel ready for anything. Don’t you? Spilled coffee is something I can simply shake my head about and move along.. I may even laugh at the silly scenario. I could handle it all. I think of Dr. Seuss books and the message of you can do it! Is all going to be great! but he also mentions those times that aren’t so full of positive energy..

I sit in a moment that feels vulnerable. I cry for everything and everyone and I cry for no one but myself. I pour out an upheaval of mixed thoughts and don’t settle on any. In these moments we like to hide and get away. Maybe we will cry in the shower where no one sees.. Or we can drink a glass of wine.. Or phone a friend to get away and vacate the mind. But you will see, my friend, that none of this really brings about the solution to your vulnerable place, and many times when revisited it feels even more severe.. What then?

First and foremost, open your arms to the experience. Just as I sat down to journal, a cat in the house came and demanded my attention. I shushed him away but he persisted, asking for my hands, licking my face..even curling up the way cats like to do right on my chest. Instead of my original motion to push him away, I held him like a baby until he was ready to move along..

This is what we must do with ourselves. When the good comes along, so enjoy it. Soak it up, find the light, bask In the lightness. When your dark cloud rolls in (whether you know what it is or not) , can you embrace it? It sounds simple but all our lives we choose to run. And until we start really looking at it with sincere care and love, it will persist, just like my dear friend the cat.

It may start with just one moment in your day today.. A moment that you wanted to go better.. Maybe a moment that just doest feel good.. Can you be open for it? It all will pass and I can promise you that.. So see it out. It has a reason. Stay genuine.

Beauty in silence


I heard a wonderful quote recently. It read, ” Only speak if what it is you have to say is more beautiful than the silence.”

We creatures always feel and find the need to speak. I preface a preface… My sentences will start with ” Sorry this story is going to be long..” or “if you don’t mind… “and I find myself talking my days away. In a room where strangers stand, I talk. Making eye contact, I speak.. Sometimes driving in the car, my mind tells me To not “waste a minute” and so I’ll phone a friend.. Instead of simply remaining fully engaged in driving.. I add the desire to talk.

And the list of times in my life where I spoke instead of being aware is the size a zoo.. I got nervous..or I anticipated the awkward pause.. When all along. The beauty sat in the in betweens..

And because there have been days my mind just wanted to hear my voice.

But today, let’s try it differently. Be very aware. Now in the coffee shop, I hear and feel incredible amounts more.. Because I don’t speak.. I feel.

Stand in the subway and just observe. Listen instead.. Today at work, let the co-worker ramble on and on about his or her weekend.. Just sit tight. And when the message that surfaces from your mind and heart is more beautiful than the silence.. Then choose to talk.

And in the meantime, you will collect these delicious moments where your body can rest instead of do. It will give your mind the freedom to sort through instead of blurt out and miss the perfect moment to remain quiet.

I will try too, me and you. And we will have made the moments even more beautiful together.



I have to admit to you.. I have been lacking the desire to write. You know how it is, going and  traveling.. having this amazing transformational life adventure.. And I learned and explored and I came home eager to transfer all of my wisdom to everyone in my life that I loved. We’ve all been there.. like picture day in grade school, You’ve been waiting all season to yank out that one time outfit to hit the cameras with and show 5th grade how awesome you are… I felt like that but I’m 26..

And so I came home with high hopes of bringing all this knowledge and energy to maintain what I had in California at home! I could do it, I believed in myself! But I learned with time being home that some of what I learned doesn’t really feel like it fits into elements of my life. Square peg, round hole…

And so instead of surrendering (which is what I should’ve done) I kept forcing the issue, feeling like  “I strongly believe in this, and.. YOU should too!” But as time continues to pass, I realize there are people in my life who don’t feel the same. Co-workers.. family members.. friends.. they may have appreciated my positive outlook but.. well.. their life wasn’t there.. and it was mildly annoying that I was walking about with “positive vibes”.. and “the energy was beautiful” mentality.

So it continued.. I tried and I still try to force a part of my life that might not fit into every scenario..  Maybe over time I’ll feel it more suitable to filter these aspects of my life into them with ease.. but forcing anything brings spit up.. And the truth is that all is unraveling in life without force.. In fact the force creates an opposite effect.. time is the only available tool for us.

And here I am now, even struggling still with the concept of letting go .. and allowing people to not want to hear my side.. I get angry when people think it’s odd.. I want to fight back.. Looking for guidance I decided to consult my mother’s bag of runes. They are precious healing stones that deliver a message..

I picked the rune of forgiveness. Isn’t that perfect?

I need to forgive myself. I set these expectations that didn’t even need to come to surface. I want to send forgiveness to those that I tried so desperately to make fit into my new and exciting mold… It wasn’t to be controlling.. it was because I had excitement and eagerness. I want others to forgive too. Forgive yourself for the thing that you’re feeling guilty about.. We need to learn that life is all about trying and failing.. trying again and maybe not getting it quite right.. trying again.. I tell my students life is a practice. If you got everything right the first time.. what would the exciting part be? But practice your best. And that includes practicing forgiveness. We allow others to be forgiven.. people screw up, right? But not us.. we wouldn’t.. we couldn’t.. well the  message here is that we do. And that you’re still beautiful.

Time is movement… and life is movement.. when it feels right.. head in that direction. And when it starts to feel not so right.. try something new. But forgive yourself.. And in between the right direction and the one that doesn’t feel so right.. accept the awkward.. forgive yourself for it.. and maybe even find the beauty in being right there.