Start Right Here


My mind has had a hard time slowing down lately. I know that I could be doing something more, something different. But is more always better?

Scattered around like a child’s painting, my mind wanders and creates images, moments, memories, life…

I find it critical and difficult to continue to manage my life in a way that seems common, and yet real. These two collide in my mind. I consulted my readings to find guidance and truth..

“The right place to start is in your body, your feelings and your perception. You must begin at the beginning and give yourself some time to care for yourself, to cradle and care. then you will begin to generate energy.”- Thich Nhat Hanh

These words helped me. I have to start here, in the middle of my body.. in my heart.. and my truth. I get away from this place when my world feels chaotic.. and I need to remind myself.. start with my heart.. my truth.. my gut. my reality.  Because what is common?


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