A flood


It seems that life lately has been going extreme. Do you feel that way too? When the Universe decides to rain.. it goes for 12 hours of downpour. Cars went from workable gadgets to monster live-able buses. Instead of two options for lunch, you have 25 options. Everything has gone extreme. Extreme Makeover, Extreme Sports.. even Television has bought into this hype.

My life has been extreme lately. In 3 fast days.. I had a pile-up of bills that I didn’t know existed. School started, I turned 26, a friend is moving away. I made the decision to move in with  my sister.. Our school is packed with people and leaves me with little space literally and figuratively. life feels to the brim. I’m at the point where I’m looking up to the sky and saying.. Throw it at me.. keep it comin.

I called my Dad with a question about how to handle a certain bill and left the conversation with a message. We can’t do more than one thing at a time. As life gets busier (we allow this) the world has tried very hard to make things easier to handle. Hence.. drive-thru meals.. banks.. “on-the-go” marketed products etc.. And we buy into this. I will.. in one car ride.. pay a bill, get a call into Nana, decide on dinner plans, tie a shoe, put on mascara, choose the playlist, and all of this while breathing!

Let’s take the message and really apply it to our lives. Sure, prioritize your “to-do” list.. but do one thing at a time.. and do it fully. If you’re going to engage in conversation with Nana.. be present. If you have to pay a bill. take the time to put the numbers in right.. To follow directions. Doing one thing at a time in our lives will allow for the breath.


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