A New Year


Working in the school systems, you get the new school year itch. The school is pumping with new students who are trying to make their way around school without getting lost. They’re nervous and excited.. but are generally on their best behavior. There are lots of new notebooks, awesome colorful pens, and a steady strong vibe. Some of the students come in with a new “identity” that they hope to be a part of, and generally the energy is high.

I was standing in the cafeteria, monitoring 90 plus students, and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I had to manage a first day’s activities.. handing out the syllabus, talking for hours on end, explaining the standard procedures of the day, answering lots of questions, remembering names, remembering old faces, checking Individualized plans for students who needed extra attention.. and all the while remaining high energy for the first day. So.. while standing there..  I reminded myself to take a deep breath in and let the feelings go. I asked myself to press the reset button, and start again.

And we get really busy during our days.. weeks, months.. that turn into years. We are so busy that we forget to pause and reset ourselves. We are so frantic to get to the next thing on time, or make another’s life easier.. or maybe to get our own ducks in a line.. that we forget to slow down and take a breath. But if we did this in our daily lives… if we stopped, and took a breath and reset.. we would would be so much more effificent.

The reset button might need to be pressed more than once in a day. During those extra busy days where life gets completely out of control.. you may need to reset four or five times. You can and you should. Just pause, recognize the wreckless energy of the moments leading up to it, take a giant breath in.. and release your worries. Maybe you’ll need to do this a few times in a row.. reset.. and you should. Give yourself the minute to just be. And nothing more.

So a very worried 7th grader with the sweetest disposition comes sprinting around the corner and he may be late to class.. but today I stopped this student.. and I looked him right in the eye, and I said, “Stop.. Take a deep breath. Reset.” And he looked at me, and smiled, and said, “Thank you.”

We all need the reminder. We all forget. Remind yourself.. Remind a co-worker or a friend.. or your pet.. It doesn’t matter.. Take a minute. Deep Breath. Pause.. And re-set..

Start your new year off right.



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