Be Here Now- Hanh


I am a wanderer in my mind. I will be having a conversation and bring something up that is 3 or 4 links past what we’re discussing.. because I have moved along in the conversation in my head. The person I am talking with might wonder why I brought up point F when they were still chatting about Point B.

Do you do that too?

We let our mind wander.

Did you know we are the only being that creates scenarios in our minds? Tigers don’t think about if Mama Tiger were to lose her limb, how would they protect her or support her. Cats don’t think about What IF scenarios like What if my owner didn’t feed me for a week.. what would I do?

And so, we are the only beings that find ourselves in constant ponder. And it does, at times feel constant. I went to Meditation this morning at a Local Center and we sat/walked in silence for around two hours. One would think that after some time, your mind would slow down and say… “Yea, this feels good.. I won’t think anymore.. I’ll just concentrate on that breath..” But today, it felt quite opposite. Instead of feeling more and more at ease with the vibrations in the room.. I found my mind reaching out to scenarios and instances that haven’t occured yet. My birthday celebration, school starting, friends struggles, my own struggles, and each time (sometimes it took a bit of time for me to realize) I would go back to my breath.

But as we live in these moments and these days that become years.. Try to find solace in this moment.. instead of thinking ahead. We miss the genuine beauty of the moment when we think about 3 or 4 steps ahead. And all of the beauty is really right here.

And while we live in a busy world where thinking “ahead” brings success.. Remind yourself of why you are really here. Is it not To be here now?

” You need to recognize that positive elements exist and that you can benefit from their refreshing and helpful presence. If you are facing a sunset, a marvelous spectacle, give yourself a chance to be in touch with it, be truly there. Touch the beauty in a deep way.” (Hanh)

The teaching of Buddha tells us that this is the most magnificent moment of your life. All you need to transform this present moment into a wonderful moment is to free yourself from the worries and preoccupations of the past, and the future.

Be Here Now.


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