I have been thinking a lot about the word secure. Even typing the word makes for a foundation in my fingers. The letters are close to eachother on the keyboard.. providing an easy rhythmic movement for my hand. The word secure is one we think well upon. Some synonyms of this word include: stable, sure, definitely, without doubt.. These are all things as humans we like to be. The looming antonym insecure is what I really want to discuss.

We shun insecurity. You must put on your confidence face and conquer the world. Do not let anyone tell you differently. But since my foundation lies in reality.. We all sit insecure.. a lot.

These last few years in my life have been all about being unsure… Not sure where I’m going to live, what I’m going to do, how I’m going to manage… not sure what path to take, what I’m supposed to believe, who I am supposed to hang with.. And we all in our worlds have these questions.. these doubts.

But instead of trying your very best to put on a face that is not you.. let’s just allow our insecurities to be themselves. It’s actually okay that you’re not sure what you want to “be” in your career. It’s also okay to test waters and try something that makes you feel vulnerable. It’s absolutely okay to fail, and to be unsure means you are considering things.

A close friend of mine is continuing her life adventure in a new town soon. She is a logical, rational, analyst and so for her to jump out of that “for sure” suit into an “not so sure” outfit is difficult. But isn’t it beautiful that she’s trying?

We all are going to feel insecure at times.. doubtful, with question, and we might even make the wrong decision! But the beauty of life and all its realness is that we choose. And if you made the wrong choice for your life, there is the present moment to make a change.

So embrace being unsure and insecure and vulnerable. It is a part of life and if we want to live fully, we are bound to make mistakes.

I’ll end this with a quote, ” The ship is safe in the harbor, but this is not what ships are for.”


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