Family in a sense


We all have a family. Your family members create a foundation of support for you to learn how to forgive and how to preservere. 

Family need not be limited to those that are born in your bloodline. It is not the physical form of family that we require in order to thrive, but the love, security, companionship, loyalty and understanding from the people close to us. (Chopra)

If we are not born into a nurturing family, we can create one from our circle of friends.

With that being said, yesterday was a reminder day. A day that I had the chance to be around a lot of old friends and “family” in a sense. 

An old friend of mine received news that brought all of my old high school group of friends together. The news was difficult and the idea of seeing a lot of old faces that I hadn’t seen or spoken to in quite some time also brought anxiety. A dear friend of mine reminded me that this day and experience was not about me. (thank you for that) and the love and support of a friend was why we were here. 

As we grow older, we inevitably find new interests. Our common glue of high school sports, Friday nights, and years of memories didn’t hold together quite like I had imagined. 

We go on our own journeys of finding out more about ourselves and a large group of friends splits into many small groups of loyal companions instead. 

But as we came together yesterday and the anxiety of it all diminished, what I found was raw love. Raw love in a sense that we all were there to be our friend’s family. We knew the role we played, we knew we could do it, and joining back together, the energy was full of real love. We were for yesterday’s moments, a family. Coming together with authenticity and care. And of course we are different now, dynamics have shifted and they should, life is change. But at the root of the group stemmed a family. It felt refreshing. 

We all have belonged to different families at different times in our lives. These “families” have aided in creating our sense of life today. And these families may change as you grow older and life creates mends or breaks, ties or divides, and that is all okay. Life is in perfect flow. 

However, I encourage you to reach out to a family member. It may be your best friend who understands you more than you at times understand yourself. Or your mother who tells you like it is (like mine!) Maybe it’s an older friend at work that has been a father figure for you. Thank them today. Let them know that being a member of your family really means a lot to you. This person makes your life richer and shinier. He/She fills your world with love. Real Raw Love. And he/she is family in a sense. 




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