The Daily Routine Called Life


Quote of the day comes from Deepak Chopra’s website:

“I love and honor my Self,
just the way I am.”
We go about our lives day by day. The routines of our morning teethbrushing, commute, filing, lunch, more work, drive home and dinner becomes a habit that we call life. Many people live for the weekends, a time when the routine can be rattled and another version of life can finally be unleashed. We, all the while, treat our bodies like machinery asking it to digest garbage for food, 3 cups of coffee and a diet coke.
What if life didn’t unwind like this? What if your work neighbor sent you a Happy Monday note and meant it? What if Monday was the BEST day of the week? What if there was joy brushing those pearly whites and your commute was full of positive vibes? What if your life’s heavy burdens made you feel more alive?
The reality is.. Life can be this way. We must wake up to life’s bigger ways of being. Our lives don’t have to be habitual. Our lives don’t have to feel like a burden. Lift off that heavy weight.  Our Monday’s can be just as beautiful and full of energy as our Saturdays. And our bodies can be endlessly loved.. a reflection of our care for our greater selves and others.
It all lies within you. Pretend your wearing your “daily routine”glasses. They are what you see day by day by day. They are the routine. Take those off and set them down. Close your eyes. Imagine within yourself INFINITE possibilities. Go ahead, close your eyes.
You are enough. You have the ability to change your glasses. Put on a new pair. See things in a new way, starting with yourself. There lies within you this powerful energy force to live. It your REAL self and it is full of love and tenderness and care and questions.. like a child’s soul. As we get older, we begin to accept things because “that’s the way it is.” And that is where we are far from truth. We get older and we think money, careers, degrees, and developments are what define our lives. Take off that old pair of glasses! Those do not define your infinite being, that should not define your life. We are so much more than that.
You are a being of love. You have endless love and no need to keep it because the more you give, the more you’ll get.  Everything is a gift to us from the Universe. Yes, your morning commute is an opportunity to practice patience. Your coworker’s endless gift of gab is a practice in listening. Morning elevator ride an opportunity to send energy to others. The accident on the highway making you late for your meeting is a time to pause and reflect on your blessings.. and to send compassion to those who are in a tough spot. These are all moments in our everyday lives to see and be good.
There is within you and within all of us a real self. This real self is full of love and peace. It contains tenderness and grace. It shows compassion and an open heart.  You have within you a powerful energy force to do and be good.  Every experience has a meaning and lesson behind it. Everything is really a gift to us. The Universe is, after all, on our side.
Notice, when you put on those glasses of life and your vision of life changes.. and you’ve dug deeper into your soul and let the light come in, Something changes..

Something inside you emerges. Stillness, Aliveness, Unconditioned. Real self.

And your Monday’s do have glimmer, and your daily “routine” called life turns into an everyday celebration of your life’s lessons and your greatness.


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  1. Beautiful and so true! You really have a gift with words. Definitely working on the shifting of mindframe whenever negativity or low energy thoughts flood my mind, to those of peace, gratitute and happiness. This post is a great reminder, thanks 🙂

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