Monthly Archives: July 2012

Openness and Receptivity


I leave here today. I feel like a child and also like an elder. I imagine my world at home and how it will function. I think of the “applying” terms. I second guess my ability to keep working on the parts of myself that feel “difficult” in my mind. But as I am sitting here I still try and apply. I sit in discomfort. Unknown. Anxiety. Excitement.

I go home to a life of beauty. Relationships that have flourishing capacities and most importantly, I have the relationship with myself. I will struggle again, and again ,and again. I will feel anger, jealousy, hatred at times, come and knock on my door. But I will continue on.

We try, we really do. We want all the goodness. and It does exist and it is pure. But we must look deeply at our demons. We must welcome the knock with open arms and love. We must be open. We must be receptive.

We’re all here in the moments that exist. We have such a lack of control and yet we try. We continue to try. Surrender my friends. Surrender to your learning. Surrender to your journey that has no finish line. Don’t wait any longer. Pick yourself up and BE. Be in the moment as it stands. Be cognizant of all that surrounds you and lives inside. 

Love all that is. Show compassion to yourself. Take special notice of your heart. Keep it soft and open. Keep it alive.

We walk around in a day to day way and forget to keep our hearts open. Let’s strive to be open to all. Be receptive.

I am closing nothing as I leave here today. I continue on in every moment and time. Breathing reminds me of life and so I breathe deeply and exhale with laughter.