Stop and smell the Roses


Just to know youre going in A direction brings comfort. Since being home I have started to better understand that we should not see anything in the lens of a goal. When you reach the goal, you feel accomplished.. yet… there is a trail of dissapointment.. not knowing what to do next.. or maybe already feeling the anxiety of getting higher than that expectation.

The whole reason we’re here is to collect experiences. When you leave your physical body,  you’ll take with you a library of experiences..

So with that being said, I start Grad School this Fall. I don’t plan on having a finish date. I may go to a few classes a year.. or less perhaps.. But there really never is a time like now.

When we fill our lives we have a choice of what to fill it with. I urge you to listen to what it is that brings you to the crisp feeling of being alive. Laughing in the car with people you love. Walking in solitude around the park, stopping at the rose garden to say hello to the recently bloomed toddler flowers, what is it that makes you feel that feeling we’ve all had before.. the feeling of life in its peak.

Personally, my hair against my back moving enough to recognize its presence makes me feel alive. At other times it’s windows down, a great song.. and myself screaming I AM ALIVE.. that makes me feel that perfect moment.

We are so alive today. Take a babystep in the direction of feeling it.


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