Have you ever asked your mind to slow down? Maybe you were thinking of your to-do list of things and had to write it down. Perhaps you were full of excitement and could barely string sentences together, your mind in life is always in the fast lane. But what if we allowed it time? What if we gave it some rest?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to a Shambhala Meditation Center in Lakewood OH. My sister, Nick and I went from 7-9 to learn more about group meditation and also to have an experience.

What an experience it was.

Meditation is a discipline. It is like a constant reminder of how our minds NEVER stop. With each breath it seemed, I asked myself to refocus on my breath. To allow thoughts to pass through my mind like clouds in a sky. Not to judge my thoughts as good or bad; right or wrong.. But to just label all movement in my mind as thought.. and to refocus on my breath.

Our breath is incredibly powerful. It can be deep and heavy, light and airy, shallow or full, mine even surfaced as shapes in moments. I was more aware of the exact moment I was in..

Set your timer, Yes right now.For 5 minutes. It’s just 5 minutes, and it will feel amazing. Sit still. Feel your breath as you inhale and your chest raises slowly… and then exhale as your rib cage and chest lower. Keep focusing on your breath. Feel it go in and out.. No need to change the movement.. let it be what it is in the moments. but Focus just on your ins and outs. Raises and lowers.  Each time your mind wanders away from you and you catch yourself thinking of something else, come back. Come back to your breath. Just label your thought as thought and nothing more.. It is not good or bad.. It is just a thought and your mind is trained to think.. but Come back. Join the breath. Feel it in. and feel it out.

This beautiful shell we call our body is run by this amazing thing we’ve never seen. And because it’s not on our to-do list .. we don’t give it rest, ever. Give it a minute. Let it be still. Remind yourself to breathe.

I continue on my journey of collecting all this beautiful data and difficult data at times but with a more open mind to how it will teach me.


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