Tomorrow is one week. It has been a week to set my fat feet back into my everyday “reality.” Reality is such a sensitive word.

Reality. I heard that word a lot when I came home, “Is it weird to be back to reality?” One of the many nuggets of wisdom I left my trip with was about my reality.

Here we are living this life. We are living with every breath and we forget. We forget that with this life we have opportunity after opportunity. Everyday we wake with a day full of choices. Which side of the bed, what’s for breakfast, when is the shower (morning, evening?) on and on and on. They’re little, sure. but they’re reality. They’re YOUR reality.

For example, today I decided shoes were, well, optional. I went to Yoga shoeless, I left the library and headed to the park shoeless, I walked to dinner shoeless.. I wanted contact with the earth. It felt like being alive to me. And so.. I made it my reality.

The truth is, coming home wasn’t stepping out or into a new reality. I am my reality. What I choose to be and eat, and do, and live.. isn’t going to change because my environment has.

Think of your life. You create and manifest your reality too. Let the power of your light and love lead you. Let it speak to you and help you. Let it keep you authentic.

I will continue to live in my alterred “reality.” And I say alterred because I do feel changed. The trip allowed a part of myself to open and free itself.

But I can say that my reality will continue to change and yours does and will too.

But let’s not fear it. Let’s not wait until tomorrow to make things better, different.. brighter. As Dr. Seuss so nicely put, “You’re off to great places,Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

It’s what you make of your day. Your opportunity. Your reality and your moments to live.

Choose with care. Choose with your soul.


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