This morning I biked to Yoga with the intention to take this power yoga class. Instead I got to the counter and asked for the Yoga Sculpt class. I am so glad my gut spoke for me.

This class was intense. The instructor had endless energy and she was tough. She wasn’t going to let anyone in the class get away with just showing up.  The class was an hour long in a heated room. There was NOT a spot left on the floor. We were inches from our neighbors so close (and we did) to hold hands.

The class incorporated cardiovascular movements with yoga and weights. It was one of the most difficult workouts I’ve ever had. That’s pretty intense. I did think I was going to throw up a few times. And I was utterly dizzy.

But her message really sprung my way. She continued to push us, push us, I glanced over at the clock and only had 2 minutes left, and we were still going at it like a mid way through workout. Intensity at its finest. But her message was so clear.

We all have a light inside of us. We are still digging deeper to find this light, find this depth, find this way of ourselves. To find ourselves. We mustn’t stop looking when it gets uncomfortable. We can’t let our minds tell us that it’s the farthest we can go.

Our beings are endless. We are limitless. We are boundless. We have infinite possibility.

When the going gets tough, (and I know that it does). Dig deeper. Stick your heels in the ground and stay deeply rooted to your soul. You are MORE than enough. You are boundless and yes, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.  You are.


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