I have less than a week left in my beautiful time here in California. It has been beautiful. I found beauty in things I didn’t expect though. Isn’t that how it goes? When we’re desperately looking for something, its nowhere to be found. But then, just when you’ve looked away let it go, there it is. Beauty is everywhere. We must, sometimes, pinch ourselves to remind us of the beauty. 

When I saw my Mom this past weekend in Sacramento she was eager to hear how I’ve changed and what has shifted. I don’t know that I can quite put into words how I have felt changed. Just as I write this I change again.

In this way, change and beauty are the same. Can we ever solidify them? Pin them down, keep them there, wrestle them to the ground? 

I do feel changed. I use the bike as a metaphor. I still have my training wheels on, and at times fear the crack between the sidewalk and grass where I may get stuck. I teeter and todder as a child would at times in my own mind and soul. But we all are constantly changing and beautifying our souls.

I look forward to seeing friends and familiar faces. I love you!


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