June 22


The practice of breathing in a full and luscious breath and letting it all out with a sigh.

In moments and in time the sweetest of times pass by our vision if we don’t pause and reflect.

In these moments I am trying to find my breath. Reminding myself to take a deep breath on knowing I’m Alive in these minutes and what a beautiful thing, to be alive.

I was the first to arrive yesterday in Sacramento. My aunt Carol (really my beautiful grandmas sister) stood at the bottom of the escalator with open arms. It felt like hugging my grandma. She has the same energy, the same mannerisms, the same bend on her finger beginning to develop.

My sister Lauren and Mom arrived within the hour and Courtney appeared at the top of the escalator in sunshine yellow pants to complete the Powerful five.

We forget how blessed we are to have family. It feels home. It make me cry in the most vulnerable and opening way.

We had the pleasure of meeting many of Carol’s children. And their children. Wow, what energy and light they provided. It was a delight to catch up in a way that felt deep and real to hear stories of the last 70 years of life. Some funny, many heartfelt, lots of wonderful moments. Breathe.

I thank you, universe. These moments are soon to be memories as each breathe is a new way. Remind yourself to breathe in these moments of excitement and love. To be Alive in the exact space you are in.
And call a family member today. Send your gratitude. You are blessed, after all you are alive.

We are going to one of Carols daughters yoga classes this morning and We leave for Lake Tahoe for an afternoon of beauty.
Helen Keller put it best, “Look at all the beauty that surrounds you and be glad.”


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