Celebrating your body


Raise your hand if you have things about your body you’d like to change. (Insert crowd of people with both arms raised)

Who doesn’t wish? Curly hair, thinner legs, better cheek bones, flatter tummy, smaller feet, less freckles, the list goes on if you let it.

Over the weekend I noticed how many times someone (anyone) verbalized being/feeling insecure. I feel fat, I’m so short, bloated, fat feet, zits, swollen, …(some of these might have been mine :))

What if we turned this around? I’m so grateful that these feet let me walk as fast as I want. I’m glad to be short.. I see things from another perspective, these zits keep me humble, my body feels swollen because it’s protecting itself and giving us more cushion.

We spend a lot of our lives complaining. Wishing, wanting different. Well there you are, in a shell of power and liberation and I want you to wake up with gratitude.

Yesterday, upon my return Amanda and I decided to do something we’ve never done. We went to Blacks Beach. It is a nude beach. And we did, in fact, sit on the beach with no clothes on.  We also jumped in. naked.

At first we were laughing, because it was hilarious and uncomfortable. But after we sat for a few minutes, we both sat with with liberated. And we felt liberated. Free of societal norms and pressures. Here we were. All of our physical selves. We started talking about bodies.What a stigma we have with these things. Hide this, tuck that,etc. How about instead.. . Celebrate your body. It is amazing and full of energy and light and your soul! It all works (most of the time) and allows you to do all of the things that you want it to. Stop a minute. Breathe in deeply. Exhale. Think about 1 thing you are grateful your body does or has. Thank it. Really, thank it. This body is a shell for you to move and be. Appreciate the quirks.





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  1. Yes ! The nudist released! Good for you Hall, I’m so proud of you for having all these new experiences and stretching yourself out of your comfort zone!

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