I was reading today after a morning Yoga class and a word resonated with me. The word is


I let it stand by itself.

I am a human and of course have my insecurities but my sisters and mother will tell you, I like being naked. Sometimes I nap naked, I like to be naked in outside air. Being naked feels good to me (most of the time). Again, we all have our insecurities.

But let’s take this word, naked. and apply it. We are really good with armor. We can layer it on for forever. When someone hurts us, we make a wall, we feel jealous, we lash out. When we are feeling vulnerable we get quiet or we make a scene.. 

And we’ve all been there. How many times did you change your outfit this weekend to look good? or fit in to the environment you were heading into? The ball game, the beach, the party, church,.. we all have different ways to dress ourselves. Now I want to imagine you going naked.

Did you laugh? It is a funny concept but in an abstract way, that’s what we should do. Show up naked. No pretenses, no wishing we had something to cover up with, here we are, all of my scars, experiences, and love to give and I am here.

The Yoga class I went to was by chance. I had just talked with Lauren and brought a yoga mat out to the front park area in front of the house. I wanted to twist and stretch some thoughts out of me like a wet dishtowel. Wring it out. Five people came to the area in which I was with Yoga Mats and a girl I later found out named Taryn taught a class for an hour. I politely asked her if I could join in and did. I felt naked at that moment.

I want you to think of what you have next on your agenda. Is it an appointment? a dinner date? a movie? a take your dog to the vet kind-of day? And I want you to go naked (in your mind). Be free of your pretenses, your nervousness, your extra baggage. Because these things are all just parts of our mind and they only manifest with our energy.

Go and your only duty is to be yourself wholeheartedly. and with love. and compassion.

Be curious. Be naked. Be you.


And if you want to actually go naked, get after it. We are all alive! 🙂



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