looking for what?


We are all looking for something. Aren’t we? Some look for love, friends, a cigarette, a break. I too, went looking last night. I went looking for inspiration and space to write on my blog. I found that everyone else was looking for something too. I parked myself at a McDonald’s patio( yes, here they have patios) and found a place to write.

I watched a couple in front of an ice cream store embracing as they looked for love.. And physical touch.

I watched two boys who were seeking friendship. One whose companion was his dog.

I watched a group of young guys wandering the streets after the NBA game looking for the next bar to go to.

A musician looking for a crowd.

Everyone looking.

And I decided that this search is what keeps us empty, why do we continue to search outside of ourselves when the only place to grow richer is inside?

Pema put it best, ” One of the things that keeps us unhappy is this continual searching for pleasure or security, searching for a little more comfortable situation, either at the domestic level or the spiritual level or at the level of mental peace. ”

If we can get to a place in our minds and hearts and know that discomfort means growth and growth means an even better version Of yourself..

Would you just enjoy your being? Be it in pain or love or confusion, just sit in it. And be okay with not being okay. Or be okay with the bliss but not knowing or minding whats next.

Three people that’s surprised me most were three people whose bike were completely stacked with stuff and who looked as though they hadn’t showered in a few days. While some of us look at them with fear or disgust, they have found the formula. In fact, they seemed the happiest of all that came through the McDonald’s. They search too, on a basic level for things, but they glowed the most. They were the most pure.

Stop filling your life with searching, the best bed spread, the home, the friends, the relationship, the time of your life. This is the time of your life, in this very moment with what you’ve got in that pure heart of yours.

Stop looking. You are right there. Wiggle your toes and feel at ease. The search is over and you are perfect in this moment.


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