“The messy stuff that we see in ourselves and that we perceive in the world as violence and cruelty and fear is not the result of some basic badness but of the fact that we have such a tender, vulnerable, warm heart or goodness, which we instinctively protect so that nothing will touch it.”-Pema Chodron

I feel empty in a spacious, room for growth, and really beautiful way. I woke up this morning and went to the beach. My initial thought was to go for an hour stroll along the beaches cusp of water, not to get too far ahead of myself because I committed to an hour and a half yoga class at 10 am.

But when my feet hit the hard sand, I started to jog. I didn’t worry about getting wet, or the sand making a mess between my toes and at the ankle of my pants, I just went. And it felt great. I started talking to myself this morning and the message that came out was ” Today is about me.” It really held me to the moment itself. I didn’t pull away like I normally do. For those of you that spend time with me,  you know I can be easily distracted. But I wasn’t.  The words were so simple, Today is about me. But the message is not.

We fill our days with to-do’s, appointments, commitments, and we are eager to get to the next thing so much, that we forget to enjoy the present moment. It is so fulfilling. All moments (be it high or low) create our lens to see the world. Why not be fully present to truly know what created your lens. What in your life set up the wall against another? Was it fear? Why do you like what you like? What experience brought you to like it? Maybe it wasn’t the object you liked, but the people you were with or the energy you had at that moment that were the major factors in choosing this as a like. Questions to consider today: Did you soak up moments today? Did you sit and feel and breathe knowing that the moment you were in was about you?If you didn’t, that’s okay. We are creatures of selflessness and perhaps today you gave. But then remember tomorrow, to be present in your moments. Don’t let your mind wander to that to-do list, those errands, just sit with yourself. You are all you’ve got, but that is enough. You are enough. The day is about you.

When I got back from Yoga, I really listened to myself. I needed rest, my body had been stretched in all ways (physical, mental, spiritual). I rested my eyes and woke up to a phone call from Nicholas. It was a beautiful way to wake up. (don’t get me wrong i needed a minute) but he reminded me of love. And that felt blissful.



“The messy stuff that we…


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