Amanda and I are back in San Diego.

We drove Wednesday morning to Santa Monica where she coached a camp and then headed to L.A. We did in fact see one celeb, sorta. He’s a comedian and his name is Parnell. Something like that. Whatever, he’s in a bunch of comedies like Anchorman, SNL, you know. Mark, I think his first name is. Nick, is that right?

So L.A. has its stigmas. Celebs, money, clubs, pollution, honking in traffic, and beyond.And it does contain a lot of those things but there’s something in L.A. that I really noticed. Let me explain.

When I thought of L.A. I thought of rich people. The vision I had was a celeb with/without fluffy dog, trending clothing, and the too good for you mentality. I thought of shopping, and I thought about how embarrassed I was going to be as a Midwestern traveler attempting to sort of blend in when the truth is, I don’t know what is “in.” But here’s where I was wrong. L.A. is art. L.A. is expression. And while there are always going to be people who are trying to show their status, the truth is that L.A. is expression of self. It is a place where you can go and be yourself. A place where you can let your hair down and create an identity. And how liberating is that!

We are so quick to judge. I know I am. We want to classify people. We want to pin them down and hold them there. It somehow satisfies our mind to know where and how they exist. No different than organizing an apartment, everything has a place, but people don’t. And this culture is a really special one.

And the best part of the city, were the people I met. I went to dinner on Wednesday night with some of Amanda’s friends and a friend of mine from college. I was amazed. Everyone at the table had the capacity to hold a conversation that held depth and truth. I looked around at the faces of this table and people whom I had never met, with trust. It was enough to just sit there and take in the experience. (and the pizza :))  There were people that want to talk about love and the world, and that are eager to make a positive difference and create substantial movement. This group of people were strangers to me 3 quick days ago, and perhaps I never would have crossed them (only now because of a friend)  But these faces, these acquaintances, they enriched my life. And they had so much wisdom and light to offer.

We all want to jump to conclusions and put people in their containers (theoretically). I ask that today you focus on humanity and its brilliance. We all, inside of us, hold endless love. We are wired to love. And yet, instead we make judgement, we classify, we try to pin down the persons soul.

I too, tried. In a big city where I wanted security and to “classify” but what I learned is we can’t.

We all have something to offer. Today, find someone you don’t know to share your love with. Be it a smile, a handshake, a hug, a conversation Try it at the grocery store, yoga, at work, on the street..  Don’t be afraid to cross that invisible boundary. Because that’s all it is. Something we have created in our mind. Go ahead now. Share your love and smile. Doesn’t it feel good? To give love?

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