on the road again


Feeling Blissful. I knew this trip had a reason and I’m still unraveling its juiciness. Amanda is a constant reminder to live. It seems her life in every step is truth. From deep and meaningful discussions, her chakra book collections, and reminders, the messages in her music, even the cork board in my room, that displays “I am you.” It all got me to thinking… and I asking myself, the question, that now I ask of you.


Are you really living?


Well, are you?

I ran down the Pacific Beach Boardwalk yesterday and as I was running I stopped and asked myself, ” Are you living?” I mean not going through motions and pretending sitting comfortable nestled in. I mean really really living. Doing things that make you feel incredibly alive. Doing something you do everyday in a new way. See I’ve been running for a long time. But it seems my only mission on these runs was to “Get a good workout in.” What I failed to recognize is how alive I am in these moments. My veins are pumping beautiful blood, and I feel that rush into the tips of my fingertips, muscles move inside my durable skin and with consistency, my lungs are working their tails off and my arms are pumping like the chains on a train.

How silly of me to let those moments pass and how all moments are moments to feel alive and be grateful.

We let moments blend together like the inside of a pb and j  sandwich. Encourage yourself to find bliss in every moment even the ones that feel hard because they’re really just making sure you’re alive.

And you are.

Easy for me to say, right? On a beach typing this (in L.A. nonetheless). Laur I’m wearing your sunhat, thank you 🙂 But the truth is, I am you and you are me. We ALL forget to live and that’s what this trip is all about. I hope by reading this you today if it was even for just a moment, remember to live. to really  live which is to feel. We are interconnected. What I mean is perhaps our story lines are different Different times, different faces, different places, but all of us go through the same feelings. Heartbreak, loss, hope, excitement, doubt, trial,.. And so here we are in a world where a resource is every other being, reach out.. feel. Try to remember when you feel these challenges, a tough day at work, a loss of a friend, a day full of worry, that every human (at the store, the one you pass on your walk, the others in traffic on the way home, they have all felt that, and even more we all have compassion. We are all in this together after all, and I bet if you asked, those people would offer you advice, a word of wisdom, or an embrace.

And we all will remind you to live again.

Stop where you are. Take a deep breath in. Fill up those gorgeous lungs with fresh air. Fresh start Let it out with a sigh. Another perfect moment to live.




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  1. Because of this, I sat on my balcony and watched the sunset. The lessons your wrote about today are lessons we should remind ourself EVERY single morning.

  2. Thanks for the sunhat shoutout! I’ve been looking for that HAT! Today instead of dreading my work day and yoga class tonight, I’m going to notice each moment how I FEEL and enjoy the sun on my face and the little things!!! XOXOXOXO

  3. Hal, I’m glad you are realizing that running(and for that matter all exercise) is not about “working out”. It is about taking care of the only body we get and ENJOYING all that it can do and feel…..the most amazing machine created. I like your blog.

  4. Hal, reading Pema Chodron’s book last night (thank you by the way!) and she asks “What can you do today to wake you up in your life from a sleep, how can you get out of seeking comfortable, to get uncomfortable and do something new to make you grow.” This is exactly what you are doing and I’m so proud of you and also really enjoy reading about your experiences. Soul sister and blood sister Halligator Plagens XOXOXOXO next week at this time I’m gonna be seeing your face but today, I’m going to enjoy today! I’m off to outdoor yoga class all day, instead of dreading the 8 hours, I’m going to enjoy them with a new sense of awareness and realize I’ll never have this day again its only June 16, 2012 once, so I’m going to enjoy it!!

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