I am so happy and grateful now that…


Just one more full day before I leave for San Diego. 

I still have plenty of errands and all of my packing ( i find im the best packer under pressure 🙂 ) But I am feeling pulled to blog instead.  I attended a workshop this evening about Creating your Destiny. We were asked to envision our future in four categories 1. Health 2. Passion/Career 3. Relationships 4. Lesiure time/money etc. We spoke as if our dreams were already obtained. The statement started, “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and we began to paint in our minds and produce into words what our dreams are.

What are yours? What are you happy and grateful to have (you should imagine the perfect life). What is stopping us from climbing the ladder to reach these? We have all heard its the journey not the destination that creates this feeling of euphoria. Why not take your first step toward your perfect life?

I am leaving for this trip with the knowledge of creating and manifesting a dream to dive deep and continue stretching my soul.

My dream, is that you too, don’t forget your soul wants to stretch, and love, and grow. Continue on!


SO much love!!


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