3 days until San Diego


So I went to the beach today. Well almost, I sat on a hill that leads to the beach. I people watched. It’s quite amazing all the walks of life that come and go at the beach. Many were young mothers with their children at their purest form. Of course, most mothers were with another mother because it’s a time in their lives where they can relate. I thought about how as those children grew and became individuals, how different the dynamic of the mothers must become. A chapter in your life that passes and feels unrelatable. Sometimes we try to keep these chapters open for comfort, but they’re done. They had their run. I thought about that with those mothers today. How, someday, they’ll look back and wonder how they saw eye to eye with another.

There were independent middle aged women, and men who finally got to the age where they realized they didn’t care that they were wearing tube socks and bad new balance, and to them, that made them perfectly happy.

Big day at the beach.


Also enjoyed dinner with my Dad before my trip. Love to hear his perspective on all parts of life, however big or small.

About to pop in Narnia and call it a night, See you soon San Diego!


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    • I am looking forward to being an observer and to seek enlightenment.. Thanks for being present on my journey. ” I am so happy and grateful now that… I can see my own enlightenment!”

      Thanks for being a wonderful friend and a guiding mother. love you

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