Friday in my eyes


It is the final day of the year for our school. A bittersweet feeling runs through me. I appreciate all of my “firsts.”

I went out and bought Pema Chodron’s book last night, Start Where You Are, and look forward to diving into it asap. It will be a perfect read before my trip which begins in a quick 6 days!

I am feeling as light as a feather this morning and on the same page. I welcome myself back from that unbelievable rollercoaster ride from that full moon eclipse AND Venus Transit. What a week I’m having!


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  1. Hall I love your comment about appreciating your “firsts”. So many times in life’s fast pace we are on to the next thing or trying to fix something about ourselves and we forget to recognize and appreciate where we’ve been and have gratitude about how far we’ve come. I am so proud of you! XOXO

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