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Music and Life


This brief video is a wonderful example of the life many of us live. We are always trying to obtain more to feel fulfilled. You have the ability to feel that NOW. We must wake up to the beauty of the moment.


So the more you practice and study, the more you begin to view your emotional upheavals like weather changes. They can be captivating and convincing—they can hook you and drag you under—but at the same time, you begin to know they’re passing clouds. You’ve seen the sun and you have no doubt that it’s there behind the clouds. That makes your motivation to practice stronger, because you feel there’s nothing that could happen to you that wouldn’t be a doorway through these clouds, these temporary weather conditions.

Take grief, for instance. Grief is completely pregnant with bodhichitta—it’s full of heart, love and compassion. But we tend to freeze or harden against grief because it’s so painful. We bring in the clouds. In fact, we’re good at bringing in the clouds and keeping them in place. We’re good at fixating on them.

But when you practice the teachings that say, “Stay with the grief, see it as your link to all humanity,” you begin to understand that grief is a doorway to realizing that the sun is always shining. You begin to understand that the weather is transient like clouds in the sky. You begin to have more trust in the underlying goodness—the underlying “sun quality”—of your being.

Pema Chodron- Lesson on Remaining Open in difficult times.


So the more you practice …

The Hike.


Incredibly sore from my yesterday’s adventure.. With just 3 days left, I am ready. Our bodies and minds and souls know when it’s time.

It’s a  bit of a gloomy morning. The kind that tell you it’s okay to slow down for a minute. 

Yesterday I went for a short jog and upon my return, one of the roommates asked if I wanted to join him for a hike. I was eager to fill my day (as they are nearing the courses end). I got dressed and put on these sneakers that would work out perfectly for a 3 mile hike.

Once in the car and on the way, I asked Dave, “How long is this hike?”

Response: 8 miles. 4 Miles all uphill and then 4 miles back down.

Does this story even need to continue? But I made it! With a few blisters, water and perseverance, 3 hours later we had finished. And it was an experience I’ve never had before.




“The more you open your heart, the more you make friends with your body, speech, mind, and the world that’s inside of your circle- your domestic situation, the people you live with, the house you find yourself eating breakfast in everyday- the more you appreciate the fact that when you turn on the tap, water comes out. If you have ever lived without water, you really appreciate that. There are all kinds of miracles. Everything is like that, absolutely wonderful.
Life’s work is to wake up ,to let the things that enter into the circle wake you up rather than put you to sleep. The only way to do this is to be open, be curious, and develop some sense of sympathy for everything that comes along, to get to know its nature and let it teach you what it will. ”
So this morning, even though you may be hungry, or sad, or you spilled on yourself, or you’re late, express gratitude. It teaches you. See it as a warmhearted companion on your path.

Pema Chodron- The Wisdom of No Escape

“The more you open your…



This morning I biked to Yoga with the intention to take this power yoga class. Instead I got to the counter and asked for the Yoga Sculpt class. I am so glad my gut spoke for me.

This class was intense. The instructor had endless energy and she was tough. She wasn’t going to let anyone in the class get away with just showing up.  The class was an hour long in a heated room. There was NOT a spot left on the floor. We were inches from our neighbors so close (and we did) to hold hands.

The class incorporated cardiovascular movements with yoga and weights. It was one of the most difficult workouts I’ve ever had. That’s pretty intense. I did think I was going to throw up a few times. And I was utterly dizzy.

But her message really sprung my way. She continued to push us, push us, I glanced over at the clock and only had 2 minutes left, and we were still going at it like a mid way through workout. Intensity at its finest. But her message was so clear.

We all have a light inside of us. We are still digging deeper to find this light, find this depth, find this way of ourselves. To find ourselves. We mustn’t stop looking when it gets uncomfortable. We can’t let our minds tell us that it’s the farthest we can go.

Our beings are endless. We are limitless. We are boundless. We have infinite possibility.

When the going gets tough, (and I know that it does). Dig deeper. Stick your heels in the ground and stay deeply rooted to your soul. You are MORE than enough. You are boundless and yes, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.  You are.



I have less than a week left in my beautiful time here in California. It has been beautiful. I found beauty in things I didn’t expect though. Isn’t that how it goes? When we’re desperately looking for something, its nowhere to be found. But then, just when you’ve looked away let it go, there it is. Beauty is everywhere. We must, sometimes, pinch ourselves to remind us of the beauty. 

When I saw my Mom this past weekend in Sacramento she was eager to hear how I’ve changed and what has shifted. I don’t know that I can quite put into words how I have felt changed. Just as I write this I change again.

In this way, change and beauty are the same. Can we ever solidify them? Pin them down, keep them there, wrestle them to the ground? 

I do feel changed. I use the bike as a metaphor. I still have my training wheels on, and at times fear the crack between the sidewalk and grass where I may get stuck. I teeter and todder as a child would at times in my own mind and soul. But we all are constantly changing and beautifying our souls.

I look forward to seeing friends and familiar faces. I love you!